Laser treatment for rosacea

Laser Treatments for Rosacea

If you have Rosacea, you may feel very self-conscious when the symptoms make their mark, but you are not alone. Rosacea flare-ups affect over 16 million Americans. And you are not in danger. Rosacea may not be something you would choose to live with, but living with it won’t harm your health.

But as we said, you may not want to have to live with the red flushed skin, the small red puss-filled bumps, and the unpredictability of when you may have a flare-up. Not to mention that you have no control over how long that flare-up will last.

There is no specific test to diagnose Rosacea. Your doctor may run tests to rule out other conditions that have the same signs and symptoms, but once those are ruled out, your doctor will likely diagnose you with Rosacea.

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Lotion on hand to illustrate Obagi Skin Care article

Leave the Past Behind, and Step into the Future with Obagi Skin Care

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with skincare options when you walk into a pharmacy, big-box store, or department store? Even the boutiques and many spas carry so many products it’s almost impossible to sort through them and figure out which ones to buy.

And it’s not just the products that are overwhelming. It’s the protocols. Do you use a cream cleanser or a liquid cleanser? Do you follow that with a toner? And how about a skin tonic, is that the same thing as a toner or an elixir, or are those three different things? Do you need all three? Is face oil the same as moisturizing lotion?

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Review

Vaginal Rejuvenation Review: What You Need to Know

We know that some women aren’t exactly comfortable talking about their vaginas, so we wanted to start this article with this: It is okay to talk about your vagina! It’s okay to love your vagina! And it’s okay to want your vagina to look and feel its best. Still, feeling uncomfortable talking about a subject that has been taboo for way too long? Don’t be.

FACT: According to the National Women’s Health Resource Center, 56 percent of women age 40 to 84 have experienced vaginal dryness after menopause.

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