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You deserve to be what you want to be. Treatments at our enhancement centers are just as beneficial and effective for men who want to look and feel their best.
Epi Light
We can safely and painlessly remove your unwanted hair. Hair removal is possible from any part of your body. We have treated many men who get folliculitis of their necks from shaving daily. Many men with hairy backs have found Epilight a wonderful way to remove that hair, which would have been unbelievably painful with any other method. We can remove hair of any color, from any skin coloration. No other treatment for hair removal can make these claims.

Body Contouring
Tired of those love handles, that no one loves? Want to increase the circulation of your skin and keep it from sagging as you get older? Endermologie has helped the physiology of the skin in the rehabilitation of thousands of burn victims in France for the last 15 years. Now it is available for your skin, and we can contour your body using this fantastic technique.
Skin Care
Skin rejuvenation is now possible using a variety of treatments perfected by Dr. Obagi in Beverly Hills. We will custom design a treatment protocol for your skin to rid it of sun damage, uneven pigmentation, age spots, and wrinkles. Our staff can either design a mild approach which will allow treatment without others knowing, or an aggressive approach, which will quickly achieve fantastic results in days using a Blue Peel.